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Aug 4, 2021

In this episode, we learn the story of Jennifer Widemire Smith. She’s a mother of two children, a wife, an author, and someone who has been pushed to her limit and did not break. Jennifer talks about her “year from hell” and when she got to her breaking point and then discovered her strength. This is an episode of resilience and a never-quit attitude.

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Key Takeaways

- Hard things in life are okay. Embrace the hard things in life.

- Failure is necessary for growth and learning new things. Flip failure to be a positive.

- Each day is a new day, a fresh start. What can you do today? How can you move your needle forward?

- Set big goals. Don’t let limitations become obstacles.

- Embrace the suck!


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More About Rod Cate and Get Back Up:

On August 14, 1981, Rod broke his neck while making a tackle that left him paralyzed from the neck down. In a split second, he went from athlete to quadriplegic. Get Back Up is the story of Rod's life journey and provides a detailed account of what it’s like to be handicapped, how to overcome it and how to thrive. The book gives you a look into trying legal cases through the eyes of a handicapped lawyer. The book’s purpose is to hopefully motivate you to not allow life’s sometimes devastating twists and turns ruin your quest for a great life. If your life is perfect and you have never suffered a tragedy, this book may not be for you. For the rest of us who have hit a bump or two on the road of life and are still trying to make it happen, this is your book.