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Jan 17, 2024

In this week’s episode, we learn the story of Brad Schaeffer. Just after his 16th birthday, Brad’s father, a Korean War Veteran, committed suicide. Brad talks about the loss of his father, how it affected him and how it prepared him for life and his career. Brad was a trader on the iconic commodities exchange trading floors and talks about that experience and life lessons. He’s an author who has captured much about what he talks about on this pod cast in his books. This is a great episode.

Key Episode Takeaways

- No one owes you a living. Take control of your life.

- When things don’t go your way in life, don’t complain. Find your solution.

- Things change. Learn to adapt and find something new.

- When bad things happen, brush yourself off and move forward.

- Things can always get worse. But nothing is permanent. You can get through anything. 


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