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Dec 20, 2023

In this episode, we learn the story of Christina Cook. Christina is a former gambling addict. She now is over 1000 days without making any bets. She tells her story of becoming an addict, hitting rock bottom and her recovery. When we think of gambling addicts, we typically think of men. Christina’s story enlightens us on gambling addiction from a female perspective. She gives her advice on overcoming gambling addiction and dealing with and overcoming adversity. Christina hosts her own podcast called The Broke Girl Society created for women struggling with problem gambling. Enjoy this great episode. 

Key Episode Takeaways

In dealing with addiction, find help from people who have gone through what you have gone through. Find support.

It’s okay to share how you feel with others.

We can change our circumstances. It’s not going to happen overnight or without hard work.

In dealing with addiction, you need to first accept where you are, accept what’s ahead and start tackling the problem. 

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