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Feb 14, 2023

In this week’s episode, we learn the story of Mike Bailey and his son Brandon. Brandon lost his life to fentanyl poisoning. Mike tells his story of losing his only child and how it has affected him. The worst part of this story is that Brandon’s death, like so many fentanyl deaths, was accidental and preventable. Mike’s story could not be more timely.

Key Takeaways

- You never get over losing a child. You can get through it but not over it. 

- Don’t hold it inside. Go talk to someone. 

- If you know your child has addiction problems, fight for your child. 

- When friends or family lose a child, reach out and be supportive. 

- There are no rules on mourning. Mourn the loss of a child in whatever way helps get you through it. 

- No matter what problems you have, someone has bigger ones.

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