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Dec 1, 2020

Manja Podratz on Rocket Motivation with Rod Cate

In this episode, we learn the story of Manja Podratz. Manja was born and raised in East Germany, where she obtained a Ph.D. in Theory of Architecture and other degrees. She taught at the college level for multiple years. She moved to the United States with her husband and children and went through a traumatizing divorce where she was basically trapped in a foreign country unable to leave, unable to work, and barely able to support herself and her children. She used her despair to change her life. She took the first step of baking and selling bread to support her family. She then started a career helping others overcome bad circumstances in their lives. She has continued pushing herself by obtaining further education to arm her with additional knowledge to advise clients on improving their lives. Using a devastating experience as a catalyst to start a career helping people overcome adversity in their own lives makes Manja an ideal guest for Rocket Motivation.

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Key Takeaways

- Devastating life events can be the beginning of a better life.

- Get rid of the bad influences in your life and begin moving ahead by envisioning joy in your life and determining what it takes to achieve it.

- Reaching your goals and dreams will only work by implementing action plans into your daily life.




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