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Mar 16, 2022

Baby Steps and Speckled Trout with Tanner Deas - Rocket Motivation with Rod Cate EP44

In this week's episode, we learn the story of Tanner Deas. Tanner was involved in a horrific work accident resulting in a crushed pelvis and multiple spine fractures. He tells his story of his rehabilitation and how the accident has changed and shaped his life.

{DISCLAIMER: In order to make Tanner's accident easily understood to the audience, Tanner has used the description of "backing up" to explain his accident. Due to legal issues and the complicated details of the actual event described in this podcast "backing up" is a term used for timing consideration by the editors of Rocket Motivation.}

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Key Takeaways

- In getting back on your feet, no matter the situation, start with baby steps and keep moving.

- Life is too short and fragile to not do what you are passionate about.

- If you are down, get outside, get some sun, see the light.

- Work through your pain by keeping active.

- To get through tough times, be resilient. Do more. Try. Fail.

- Be passionate about the small things in life.

- In getting through tough times, lean on friends and family. Be vulnerable.

- Create routines that you enjoy.


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{Editor's Note: For the show's time consideration, Tanner's story of his work accident was edited and shortened by the Rocket Motivation production team. Some specific details of the accident and actions of parties involved have been left out of the event described in the show.}