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Jun 16, 2021

In this week’s episode, we learn the story of Eric Foster, Esq. Eric is a successful lawyer and owner of his own firm in Cleveland, Ohio. Eric tells his story of struggling with self-doubt and fear of failure and how it has affected his life on postponing and sometimes overthinking decisions. He talks about overcoming self-doubt and now is an encourager of others who doubt themselves. It’s about not asking yourself “why” but “why not?” Eric is a member of the Cleveland Plain Dealer Editorial Board and writes columns for that publication. His story is one we all need to hear and pay attention to.

Read Eric's Self-Doubt article here.

Key Takeaways

- Try to squelch that voice inside your head that says, “what if I fail?”

- Self-doubt can stop you from taking advantage of opportunities in your life.

- Fear of failure is the core of self-doubt. Failure though is part of the process in becoming successful.

- Go with your gut. Just move forward. Don’t talk yourself out of going with decisions you have made.


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